I'm a 2D artist with experience as both art director and artist. Though these days I'm often overseeing concept campaigns for video game properties, I still actively illustrate character and environment concepts, asset orthographics and UI design for a variety of properties. As a freelance artist, I'm often hired to produce full color illustration for source books, book covers and magazines.


  • Art Direction
  • Concept Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Sequential Art
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Software Proficiency

    Manga Studio
    Manga Studio


    2D Department Director

    SuperGenius Studio
    November 2011 - Present | Oregon City, United States of America

    I am currently working as a full-time art director for Supergenius Studio. Supergenius is a Portland, Oregon based art house, focused primarily in video game development. As the director of the 2D department, I oversee all 2D development, working with artists and clients to achieve the best results possible.